Welcome to UCLA’s 2018 Queer Graduate Student Conference– 

the oldest, interdisciplinary queer research conference in the United States. LGBTQ Studies and QGrad would love to share the save the date for our annual Queer Graduate Conference, this year’s conference Alter-net Bodies: Fat/Crip/Queered Identities, Expressions, and Cyber Activism, will take place on October 26, 2018.

The Fall 2018 QGrad Conference at UCLA explores the intersections of fatness, gender, race, queerness, ability status, and technology. Alter-net bodies transcend physical and virtual space but are still impacted by rhetoric that labels them as deviant, ugly, and unruly. In what ways do Alter-net bodies exist more or less freely in digital space than in physical space? How do fat/crip/queers of color utilize and expand cyberspace as sites of resistance? How do Alter-net people perform, express, articulate, generate, and create resistant identities and aesthetics?
Questions? Email us at qgradconference@gmail.com
[Image Description: The light blue save the date flyer for UCLA QGrad 2018 (in red letters) states Free and Open to the Public with online registration, Friday, October 26th Royce Hall 314 and 316. For registration and conference information please visit qgradconference.com. The banner around four people in colorful clothing reads “ALTER NET BODIES: Fat/Crip/Queered Identities, Expressions, and Cyber Activism”]

Please continue checking the tabs on this website and follow us on Twitter @QGradConference for the most up to date information on the development of the conference. To share any of your information or photographs regarding the QGrad Conference, #QGradConference on any social media channels. For any questions or concerns not addressed on this website, please email the QGrad Committee at QGradConference@gmail.com


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