Accessibility and Inclusion

The UCLA Queer Graduate Student Conference is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and accessible space.

***More Accessibility Information to Come***

Scent-Free Environment

We highly encourage a scent-free environment. Please be considerate of those who are sensitive to scents and avoid using scented products. For more information about the importance of scent-free environments and ways to be scent-free refer to this Scent-Free Guide.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is located at every parking structure at a discounted $8 daily fee. For closer proximity to Royce Hall, additional accessible parking spots are available in front of Campbell Hall & Haines Hall and in back of the Law Library. These areas have a higher rate than the parking structures. Parking Rates are located here.

Please see parking map in Getting to UCLA and the map below for pathways to the conference from the parking structures.

Accessible Pathways

For information about accessible pathways please refer to the UCLA Access Map below. The map shows accessible pathways, ramps, elevators and assisted entrances located throughout campus. 


Gender Neutral Bathrooms

During QGrad all gendered bathrooms in Royce Hall third floor will be turned into gender-inclusive bathrooms. Additionally, below is All-Gender Restroom Map with other gender-neutral bathrooms on campus.

All-Gender Restroom Map_F15

[Image Descriptions: The first image is the UCLA Campus Accessibility Map. In the white and blue background, there is a map of UCLA which details various accessible pathways in blue. Purple dots mark the elevators on campus. Green dots mark accessible entrances, while red dots mark the power-assisted entrances. A wheelchair symbol is used to highlight accessible parking locations. In the map key, it states that “One icon can represent multiple parking spaces. Spaces may be on multiple levels or below levels in subterranean parking structures. As with any map, temporary conditions (such as construction and special events) may obstruct access to individual parking locations and pathways”

The second image is the All-Gender Restroom Map. In black and white background the map marks the gender-inclusive bathrooms on campus with a white numbered triangle inside a teal circle. The map is provided by the UCLA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Campus Resource Center. In small font on the left-hand bottom corner the map states, “In accordance with the University’s nondiscrimination policies All-Gender Restrooms ar UCLA are single stall facilities that seek to create an inclusive campus environment and enhance clime for transgender and gender variant people and many other people.”]