Opening remarks



Queer Family


  • The Future is Black Stuff | Olumayowa Willoughby
  • Othermother Realness: The Role of the Alternative Maternal Figure in Black Queer Communities | Bryce Jeter
  • Queer Fertility: Resistance Through the Folding of Time | Tegan Flowers


A Sacred Time and Place


  • i burn the past in the present, to the future as the past through the present: an exploration of queer and christian temporalities | Mel Livermore
  • The Postcolonial Turn : Marginality And Mobilisation Of Manipuri Queer Advocacy | Upsana Banerjee
  • “Everywhere Present to Me”: Time, Space, and Queer Belonging in the Letters of Ausonius of Bordeaux and Paulinus of Nola | Rachel Morrison



Temporal Technologies


  • Video Game Glitching as Method and Metaphor: Queer Spacetime, Alternative Geographies, and Playing With the Matrix | Christina Grübler & Z Brimacombe
  • Only Temporarily a Queering Site: Resistant Strategies of and Symbolic Traffic in Women in Nisu Bots | Cheng Yan Chow
  • Dying in a Material World: Queer Plasticity and the Poetics of Disobedience | C-H Plinke
  • Queer Leaped Performed | Tengchao Zhou


Spectral Encounters


  • Ghosting the Spectral State: Deviance and Spectrality in American Protest Cultures | Preston Taylor Stone
  • Killing Mahtab: Haunting Memory of a Transgender Refugee | Fatemeh Gharibi
  • On shadows and other queer becomings | Wesley Cornwell
  • The Becoming: A Mad Trans Oral History Poetic Performance | Jersey Cosantino






Time, Touch, and Togetherness


  • Let Me Tell You Something Sistah: Mapping the Color Purple | Eliza Franklin-Edmonson 
  • Reading women’s demonic grounds through a black queer touch in Naudline Pierre’s Closed Quarters | Vanessa Barcelos da Silva
  • Circling Back: Queer and Crip Weighted Time in Mel Baggs’ Kitchen Choreography | Sonya Merutka


Queer Time in the City


  • (Un)building Queer Temporalities. Architectures, Affect, and the Memorialization of New York’s Waterfront | Dennis Ohm
  • A Conspiracy of Drinkers: Spit, Cider, Syphilis Cures and the Raid of the 606 Club of LA, 1914 | Jamie Ross
  • Placing trans-becoming: Understanding transition through geographies | Tuna Öğüt



Keynote conversation between Mika Tosca and Aimee Banhg, facilitated by Josh Guzmán



Reception at the UCLA Botanical Gardens