Registration opens: 8:00am 

Royce 314 Lobby 

Welcoming and Opening Remarks: 9:00am

Royce 314

Professor Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Chair, LGBTQ Studies Program, UCLA

Session 1: 9:45-11:00am


Panel 1A: Ballrooms, Waterfronts, Other (Un)Safe Spaces

Royce 314

  • Gervais A. Marsh, Northwestern University

“Can Queer People of Color be Carefree? Engaging Quare Catharsis as a World Making Practice in the Ball Room Scene”

  • Stefanos Milkidis, Kennesaw State University

“A Queer Space Narrative: Reclaiming Manhattan’s Lost Waterfront”

  • Kate Woodsman, York University

“Whose Harm is it Anyways? Asexual Kaleidoscope Individuals Discuss Trauma(s) Within Sex-Positive & Queer Communities”


Panel 1B: Bullying, Blood Drives, and Queer Pedagogy(CANCELED)

Royce 306

  • Janicia Dugas, Howard University

“Addressing the divide and Con”queer”: The effect of Social Networking and School Environment Impacting LGBTQ Students”

  • Arthur Tillbrook, New Mexico State University

“You’re Toxic and I’m Slippin’ Under: Rhetorical Toxicity and Queer Mobility”

  • Kevin James Stockbridge, Chapman University

“A Lesson in Queering Your World: A Curriculum for Social Change in Higher Education”


Session 2: 11:15am-12:45pm


Panel 2A: Gay Tourism, Gully Queens and The DL

Royce 314

  • Mikie Stephens, Binghamton University (SUNY)

“The “Gully” as Exile and Refuge: Jamaican LGBT Youth and the Neoliberal Turn”

  • Satchie Hanna Kelly Snellings, New York University

“City Branding and the ‘Gayfication’ of Tel Aviv, Israel”

  • Jobin Philip, Ryerson University

“Surviving in the Sanctuary: Queer Refugees’ Use of Discretion Post-Migration”


Panel 2B: Mortal Combat, Queer Orientalism, and Diasporic Narratives

Royce 306

  • Peter Tarjanyi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“Cutting the Umbilical Cord: Diaspora, Kinship and Narratives of Return in The String (2010)”

  • Eric H. Newman, University of California, Los Angeles

“Queer Orientalism: Richard Bruce Nugent and Edward-Stevenson’s Cross-Racial (Af)filiation”

  • Marcus Tran Degnan, University of California, Los Angeles

“Hetero-Fatality: Using the Grotesque to Identify Queer Potentiality Within Mortal Kombat X”

  • Heather C. Macias, University of California, Santa Barbara

“Queer Orientalism: The Misrepresentation of Queer Asian American Bodies in Popular Culture as the Status Quo”


Lunch Break: 12:45-1:30pm

Royce 306 Balcony


Session 3: 1:45-3:15pm


Panel 3A: Pulse, Testimonios, and Carceral Geographies

Royce 314

  • ياسمين الز ۳ز, California State University, Long Beach

“Dismembered Bodies of Color: US Imperialism and the Pulse Shooting”

  • Richard Giddens Jr., University of Texas at San Antonio

“(Re)viewing & (Re)membering Violence: Testimonios of Queer & Trans Tejan@/x Sexual Assault Experiences”

  • Claire Marie Urbanski, University of California, Santa Cruz

“Genocidal Intimacies: Queer Settler Belonging and Carceral Landscapes”


Panel 3B: Queering Cyberspace: From the Military to Grindr and

Royce 306

  • Sarah Montoya, University of California, Los Angeles

“Queering the Query: The Intersections of Queer of Color Critique and the Digital Humanities”

  • Ricardo Millhouse, Arizona State University

“Torsos, Selfies, and Blanks: Grindr as a Research Tool and a Field Site”

  • Ray San Diego, University of California, Irvine

“Bound, Drowned, & Drilled: Staging Sexual Sensation at”

Session 4: 3:30-5:00pm


Panel 4A: Queer Art: Museums, Dyke Bars and Classrooms 

Royce 314

  • Benjamin M. Kersten, University at Buffalo

“Inf(l)ecting Spaces: Félix González-Torres’s Interventions in Space”

  • Jenna Tamimi, University of California, Los Angeles

“My Kingdom for a Dyke Bar: Lesbian Art and its Place in the Archive of Repertoire”

  • Andrew Gutierrez, University of California, Los Angeles

“The Time is Now: A (Re)presentation of Queer People of Color”


Panel 4B: Migrant Camps and Coalitional Orgs

Royce 306

  • Tracy Yuequian Zhao, University of California, Los Angeles

“The Coalitional Possibilities of API LGBTQ Community Organizing”

  • Hayley Wagner, New York University

“Queer Migrant Gestures: LGBTQ Refugee Activism Performative Sexuality”


Keynote Duet 5:15-6:30pm

Royce 314

Moderator: Professor Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Chicana/o Studies/English/Gender Studies/LGBTQ Studies

  • Dr. Karen Tongson, Associate Professor of English and Gender Studies, University of Southern California

“Empty Orchestra: The Queer Aesthetics of Karaoke”

  • Bamby Salcedo, President and CEO of Trans Latin@ Coalition

“The State of Trans Latinas”


Reception 7:00-8:30pmRoyce 306

  • Performance by Persia
  • Music by DJ Gillis Wang